Create Bright, Shocking logos with Classic Fluo.

With Classic Fluo get ready for your youthful creations to beam brighter than the sun!

Fluo colors are great as an outline to highlight digital prints, as well as adding flair to camo.

The variety of colors in the Flex Classic product range opens the door to
endless design possibilities. While many different films can be heat pressed
on top of one another, you should follow the few simple rules listed below
for trouble-free applications.
You can overlay any flex Classic with any other flex film in the
Plotterfilms heat transfer product range.
When overlaying multiple layers of film, heat press each layer for
4 sec except the last layer which you should press for 12 sec.
Limit the total number of layers of heat transfer films to four films.

Press 150 degrees for 10 seconds. Remove liner when hot. Wash @ max 80 degrees. 0.5cm minimum cut. 45 degree blade.